Eclipse Jet

Jet Ownership

If you’re an Eclipse owner, you know how cost-effective the jet is to own and operate. In fact, it’s more cost-effective than most turbo-prop aircraft, or any other similar personal jet platform. And owning your own Eclipse is certainly far less expensive than any charter or fractional ownership option you can find!

Eclipse Jet Collage

With Pierce Aviation, this cost benefit for Eclipse owners multiplies due to our integrated system of service and support. The fixed cost to operate an Eclipse jet in our system is about $57,500 per year, and the variable cost per flight hour, assuming the Gold-level Pratt and Whitney Eagle service plan, is about $750 per hour.

Also, we are unique as a jet management company in that we orchestrate reciprocal leases within our fleet to be sure your travel is never rescheduled due to maintenance, inspections, etc.

Finally, if you’re not yet an Eclipse owner but evaluating the opportunity, our brokerage division can help you find the right jet for your budget and travel needs. Given our long tenure with the Eclipse Jet, we have a wide portfolio of contacts throughout the industry to connect you with both market-advertised and off-market jets towards transacting the best deals out there.

Eclipse performance specs

Pierce Aviation knows Eclipse. These guys have built a company around the jet that just captures every element of owning and operating them. We couldn't be happier as an ownership group and enjoy every dispatch and trip we take with them.
— David Weinstein, Merril Lynch
I want to pass on my thanks to Jay and Erin for a great job in acquiring my aircraft, a 2007 Eclipse 500. They really took care of the purchase from soup to nuts, keeping me informed, and always accessible by phone when I needed to ask questions day or night. I was surprised how great the plane looked when I saw it for the first time, which was very important for me as I did not have the time to check the plane out myself before purchasing. I consider myself lucky to get the right people to purchase the right plane for me. Thanks Jay and Erin!!!
— Harold Petit, H&E Services LLC